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boggy’s Saab

Page 86 Mail: webmaster@boggys.co.uk Owner’s Manual:  HiQ 400dpi (approx 7.58MB)  LoQ 96dpi (939KB)   Vivitar Data Sheet 1974(2.02MB) Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm  f/3.5 (made by Kino 22xxxxxx) In production 1973-81 Service manual:  HiQ 400dpi (approx 62.7MB)  LoQ 96dpi (approx 7.58MB)  SPT Repair Notes:  LoQ 96dpi (approx 378KB)   HiQ 400dpi (approx 2.96MB) Return to previous page Page 37

Magazine Reviews:

Amateur Photographer (UK) w/e 17 Apr 1974 Lens Test  (4.32MB)

Camera User (UK) Dec 1973 Lens Test (3.49MB)

Modern Photography (USA) Lens Test Oct 1974  (3.92MB) revised

Photo Technique (UK) Feb 1974 Lens Test   (3.82MB)

You and Your Camera (UK) Lens Test (5.83MB)  

Fotografare (Italy) Series 1 Lenses Tests Aprile 1975  (5.60MB)

(including 70-210 f/3.5)

Fotografare (Details as above - English Translation A4) 6.16MB)

Photography (UK) Jan 1974 Lens Test (6.54MB)