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Vivitar Teleconverters and Macro Accessories

Owner’s Manuals:

2X Teleconverter:   

5/1975 edition:   LoQ (265KB)  -  HiQ (2.04MB)

8/1979 edition:   LoQ (268KB)  -  HiQ (2.32MB)

3X Teleconverter:   

5/1974 edition:   LoQ (263KB)  -  HiQ (1.64MB)

11/1981 edition:   LoQ (280KB)  -  HiQ (2.37MB)

Macro Focusing Teleconverter:

12/1981 edition:   LoQ (343KB)  -  HiQ (1.86MB)

Extension Tubes:

4/1978 edition:   LoQ (320KB)  -  HiQ (2.07MB)

Medium Format Teleconverters:

Undated:      LoQ (332KB)  -  HiQ (1.90MB)

Vivitar Bellows System:

6/1972:      LoQ (3.3MB)  -  HiQ (8.85MB)


Parts Lists:

Sorry but I currently have none of these.

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Magazine  Reviews:

Camera Choice (UK) Teleconverters Test November 1984 (4.02MB)

(Including Vivitar 2X Teleconverter)

Keppler’s SLR Notebook review of the Vivitar and Panagor Macro Converters, ‘Modern Photography’, April 1983, (3.68MB)